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Residents are pushing back to #StoptheTIF  

If the West End TIF district is activated, wealthy developers will be able to use West End property taxes for 20 years to make it cheaper and easier for them to build homes and rental properties for affluent future residents. This gentrification of the West End will inflate the cost of living beyond what is affordable for many current residents, inevitably forcing them to leave. Tens of thousands are expected to be displaced or dispossessed of their property based on their annual income alone. Renters and property owners making at or under $35,000 annual median income are most vulnerable to displacement and dispossession. Residents and allies are rallying together to fight back!


Below you will find...

  1. The #StoptheTIF Campaign Demands

  2. Our Ongoing Interview Series with West End Residents,

  3. A quick 8min Explainer Video that breakdown what is happening and how residents will be impacted,

  4. Who's Robbing the West End Chart

  5. 4min Presentation from a West End Resident,

  6. List of Black Politicians in support of the campaign,

  7. Over a dozen clips from an Expert Panel about TIFs

  8. Prof. Dr. Tony Arnold's presentation on the TIF & WEOP

  9. Links to some News Stories about the TIF, and more...


Campaign Demands