Historically Black Neighborhood (HBN) residents are fighting back to protect their neighbors--not just their neighborhoods! In 2021, in response to gentrification and the housing crisis, we proposed a resident-led and controlled HBN Community Land Trust (CLT) to help stabilize and protect our neighbors and our communities. 
In the Summer of 2022, we are launching a full campaign to bring more residents in on this work! Members of the Assembly living in your community will be canvassing, hosting events, and bringing more folks in to plan the future of their neighborhoods.

Join the HBN Assembly to get involved in this work.

Click here or scroll down to view our 2021 Community Land Trust proposal for preservation, stabilization, and neighborhood self-governance that we submitted to Metro Government. Shout out to the radical tenants of Indianapolis, PUSH Buffalo, and the Climate Change Alliance whose work has deeply informed this process. Moreover, we want to send a HUGE special thanks to our brothers, sisters, and siblings in Indy (who are also fighting city-led false CLTs) they are brilliant visionaries and housing scholars! Their city-wide CLT plan was the foundation for the work we're launching here in Louisville. We stand in solidarity with all tenants fighting for their right to remain against public and private actors seeking our displacement and dispossession for profit.