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The Historically Black Neighborhood COMMUNITY LAND TRUST

Our Future

Historically Black Neighborhood (HBN) residents are fighting back to protect their neighbors--not just their neighborhoods! 
In 2021, in response to gentrification and the housing crisis, we proposed a resident-led and controlled HBN Community Land Trust (CLT) to help stabilize and protect our neighbors and our communities. 
On August 14, 2022, we are launching a full campaign to bring more residents in on this work! Members of the Assembly living in your community are canvassing, hosting events and workgroups, and bringing more folks in to plan the future of their neighborhoods.

Join the HBN Assembly to get involved in this work.

2022 Events


Free Food & School Supply Giveaways!

Sun, Aug 14th

Open Admission

Smoketown Old Timers Day

Smoketown Residents & Other Attendees

Sat, Sept 17th

Public Event


Get Up, Stand Up

Louisville Tenants Union & guests

Sun, Aug 14th

Invite Only


California Day

California Residents & Other Attendees

Sat, Aug 27th

Public Event

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