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Building Safe Spaces

We are building safe spaces for building collective power and we appreciate you joining us in this space! We can't wait to share this space with you, so we want to impart some info to help maintain the best working environment for residents of HBNs. We are accountable to those who currently live in HBNs first and foremost. As an organization led by current and returning residents, we aim to create opportunities for civic engagement and collective power building among current residents, which is why we investigate, address, and organize around issues that threaten our neighbors who are most vulnerable to gentrification, public safety, and more. The Assembly welcome stakeholders who are not current or former residents of HBN to attend open meetings hosted by the HBN Assembly. All attendees, whether they are residents or not, must respect our Code of Conduct Policy which can be viewed using this link. SNA is responsible for maintaining safe environments for discussion and community work, which is why we wanted to commit these values and basic loving expectations formally to you all. The Smoketown Neighborhood Association will pin this post to the top of their Facebook page so that people can continue to access and revisit the words in this document. Peace.

HBN Assembly spaces are also subject to the policies and practices of the Books & Breakfast Louisville.

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