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Letter Writing Campaign

#StoptheTIF  Letter Writing Campaign Instructions

We are inviting folks to participate in our letter-writing campaign. The more people we can get to write their representatives (i.e. KY Governor, KY House & Senate, Louisville Metro Council, Louisville Mayor, and others) about the TIF the more likely we'll be able to stop it in the new year!

Why Now? The legislation that governs the TIF (HB 321) is in jeopardy. Because of your support and the leadership of residents we were able to get two TIF board members to resign. One of those board members held the seat for the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is now backing out and does not want to be on the TIF board. That's great for the campaign! Why? Because HB 321 requires that the Federal Reserve be a part of the board, so without them, the whole bill is up in the air. We suspect TIF representatives will attempt to amend HB 321 to satisfy its own requirements. This letter-writing campaign is meant to block any supportive legislation or amendments that may come. Join the fight by joining the letter-writing campaign!

Step 1: Watch the video (below)

Step 2: Use all three links (green buttons) below to participate in the Letter Writing Campaign. 

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